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12 March 2021

The release of the Business Confidence Index (BCI) for January 2021, which ticked up by 0.2 month-on-month to 94.5 points, reflects the business climate and how businesses react to or are experiencing the economic environment – it is not a reflection of business sentiment.

You would agree that confidence is a key commodity as we build back stronger for the Business Events Sector and that this report provides insights into where business in general finds itself early into 2021.

The report further highlighted, “The lockdown had a stifling effect on physical economic activity and output with a concomitant effect on employment in formal and informal sectors.

We note with interest, the message of the stifling effect that lockdown regulations are having on our own economic activities within the Business Events Industry.

SAACI continues to raise the concern on the delayed roll-out of the vaccine, which will slowly build back confidence, and deal with the current uncertainty that exists, on when we may be able to build recovery in a sustainable manner.

We call for more clarity on the vaccine roll-out plan from government for citizens, as well as the support for government to #TrustUS campaign the collective events industry is rolling-out under the SA Events Council, which calls on Corporates and Government clients to gradually move to more smaller but frequent in-person meetings in the months ahead.


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