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Membership Application

    Before you click the below button to apply to become a member, you will need the below supporting documents that will be required. These will need to be uploaded when prompted:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Tax Clearance Pin Certificate
    • Vat Certificate
    • BEE Certificate / Affidavit
    • CSD Report (not older than 1 month)
    • Proof of Event Liability
    • Company Profile
    • Website and Social Media links (Please supply the actual link and not the handle)
    Vetting Process Once you submit your online application, it will go through our vetting process which takes between 5 – 7 working days. We will do a full background screening on directors and vetting of your organisation. This information is used to verify whether your organisation is being truthful and transparent about your credentials.

    *Individual membership will be under your name and surname- personal capacity (1 Representative). This membership is applicable to non-VAT registered companies

    1. Top-up fees are also available if more representatives want to be added
    2. SAACI communicates with its members predominantly via e-mail and the SAACI website,
    3. You will be receiving emails from SAACI because you registered with us as a member and have given us permission to send our communications to your email inbox. It should be noted that if the application is approved, the provided contact detail will appear on the SAACI website and in other SAACI approved publications

    Company Information

    Social Media Information

    Main Representative

    HR Representative

    Supporting documents and disclosure

    Please upload the below supporting documents:
    • Certificate of Incorporation, or the front page of the founding statement if a CC, or a copy of your ID Documents if a sole trader / partnership *
    • Tax Clearance Pin Certificate *
    • Vat Certificate *
    • BEE Certificate / Affidavit *
    • CSD Report (not older than 1 month) *
    • Proof of Event Liability *

    Invoicing Details

    Contact details for person responsible for the account

    Forum Selection

    Please choose the Forum that your company wishes to belong to by selecting the appropriate option (checking the box). This Forum should be the one from which you would like to receive the majority of communications and with which you can closely align your company to.

    Forum Sub-categories

    In order to more closely align activities and benefits with members, and also to allow end-users to more effectively and efficiently contact relevant service providers, the Forums have been divided into sub-categories. Please select the description that most accurately reflects the activity that you provide, rather than activities that you sub-contract. These activities should also accurately reflect your main business focus (i.e. at least 80% of your total activity or a maximum of FOUR sub-categories).

    Conference And Events Forum (PCO)

    This Forum is for the Professional Conference Organisers (PCO) who could be either a person or company which specialises in the organisation and management of conferences, congresses, meetings, seminars, gala and award dinners and other such events. They usually provide a range of services that could include but not limited to budget management, registration services, exhibition management and sales, programme development and marketing. These could also include a portion of travel and leisure arrangements.

    Destination Marketing Forum

    This Forum incorporates the National Conventions Bureau as well as the Provincial and Local Tourism Authorities which have a dedicated Conventions Bureau or Business Events department / person. Members of this Forum are normally parastatal. They often provide advice, assistance to PCO’s, Associations, etc who wish to bring or host a conference in South Africa or in their particular Province or City.

    Services Forum

    Service suppliers who provide a service or product which doesn’t fall into the other seven (7) Forums will automatically become a Services Forum Member. Please select 1 category for the options below

    Technical Forum

    Companies or persons who supply technical equipment which may include but isn’t limited to lighting, audio, audio-visual and infrastructure such as staging and stage sets for events and the various forms of meetings and conferences will fall into this Forum.

    Transport Forum

    Any form of transport which provides for the movement of people or goods will fall into this Forum. The transport could fall into any of these categories: air, rail, road and water. Transport may either be public, whereby there is a scheduled service or it may be private.

    Exhibition Forum

    The Exhibition Forum consists of companies or persons who predominately arrange and manage exhibitions as well as those who provide stand design and infrastructure for fairs, trade or consumer exhibitions.

    Venue Forum

    Any member who provides a facility that provides a dedicated environment, whether it is a hall, conference / convention centre, hotel, bed & breakfast, botanical garden, stadium etc that has a room or similar that can be used to host any form of gathering of people for a meeting or function.

    Code of Conduct

    SAACI Code of Conduct Members must accept and abide by the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) Code of Conduct, which defines member obligations and specifies accepted practice. At all times, members must maintain high standards of personal and professional conduct, which include:
    • Complying with the laws of South Africa or the country in which their work is performed and acting honestly and fairly in all business dealings to establish trust, respect and credibility.
    • Ensuring that contracts and/or terms of business are clear, concise and honoured in full, unless terminated or amended by mutual consent.
    • Developing and maintaining high standards of personal competence by committing to ongoing professional development in the Conference Industry and encouraging employees and work colleagues to do the same.
    The following practices are required of members and the organisations they own or manage. Members must:
    • Protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and the public.
    • Approach all meetings with the highest standard of personal and professional ethics.
    • Negotiate all agreements in good faith, respecting the rights of all parties involved.
    • Respect the policies and regulations of all organisations that the member deals with.
    • Value diversity and foster inclusivity across all meetings and conventions, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, personal appearance and physical or mental impairment.
    • Refrain from using his/her position for personal gain or benefit to the detriment or disadvantage of another organisation and to advise of any circumstances that constitute a conflict of interest.
    • Not engage in any activity that will discredit or damage the member, organisation or profession, or bring the Association or its members into disrepute.
    • Respect the privacy of others by distributing personal details only in circumstances that would reasonably be expected and communicate only in accordance with the circumstances that gave rise to the provision of this information, or where permission is granted.
    • Respect the intellectual property of others in industry, particularly when ideas, creativity, and advice have been provided in good faith, but no agreement is in place to use such intellectual property.
    • Seek to enhance stakeholder value and optimise growth through sustainable, balanced economic, social and environmental performance, whilst being cognisant of the interests of all stakeholders.
    • React to environmental challenges responsibly and commit to promoting environmentally responsible business practices.
    Governing Rules To comply with the governing rules of SAACI, members must:
    • Always ensure the integrity of data or information provided to SAACI
    • Pay the Association any memberships fees or levies relating to their membership on time and in full.
    • Seek opportunities to increase public understanding and awareness of the Conference Industry.
    • Further the mission and stated objectives of SAACI for the common good.
    • Demonstrate high ethics when creating or disseminating information on SAACI media and communication platforms.
    • Accept mediation by SAACI should a complaint be received against the member or his/her organisation.
    • Agree to be bound by this Code of Conduct and acknowledge that SAACI has the right to terminate membership if, upon investigation by the Association, they are found to be in breach of the Code.
    Terms and Conditions
    • Should terminated members, due to default of member fees, wish to join the association again they need to pay all their arrears, joining fee and current membership fee.
    • No membership will be cancelled without prior written notice.
    • Membership is automatically renewed as per SAACI financial year 1 March- 28/29 February each year.

    Consent And Acknowledgement

    Please would you consider my application for membership to SAACI. I furthermore declare that I have read and agree to abide by the SAACI Code of Conduct (as above), Including cancellation terms and notice