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Barbara Bohle

Bohle Conference & Language Services, previously known as Ecco Conference and Language Services (from 1992 to 2002), opened its doors in 2003. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, at the foot of Table Mountain, we work throughout sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with highly trained freelance language practitioners, while our clients come from all over the world. At Bohle Conference & Language Services, we share a long-established passion for languages and assisting people of different languages in communicating with each other. We are committed to providing quality language services to our client base of internationally funded organisations, government departments, NGOs, corporations and individuals. We believe that all our clients are equally important, regardless of their size, and that each one deserves an equal measure of our attention. We also believe that all freelance translators and interpreters deserve fair, market-related remuneration and to be paid on time. Cultures on the African continent are growing closer together, just as they are across the world, due to the spread of the internet, the globalisation of national economies and the growth in job outsourcing. In this environment, reliable translation and interpretation services are essential. Our experience and expertise, combined with strategic partnerships in many countries, enable us to meet our clients’ needs across the world. Our overall intention is to provide our clients with a professional, reliable, affordable, helpful and easily accessible service on an ongoing basis. We always look to establish long-lasting and rewarding relationships with our clients and contractors. We are also aware that quality language services have their price, and we continuously look for ways to keep our rates cost-effective, competitive and fair for both our suppliers and our growing client base.


Membership Category Independent
Location Cape Town
Regional Branch Western Cape
Forum Services Forum
B-BBEE Level Level 4
Website https://bohleonline.com/
Phone 27825562829
Address 10 Kotze Street, Gardens, Western Cape, 8001
Core Business Written translations, simultaneous interpreting, conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting, language services, conference equipment hire.
Email barbara@bohleonline.com


Barbara Bohle