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Prof. Gubela Mji


Gubela Mji (PhD) is a Professor at Stellenbosch University and the Director of the Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation Studies. She also chairs the African Network for Evidence- to- Action in Disability (AfriNEAD) and the President for the Association for the Physically Disabled for the Cape Town Region. She has published academic papers in leading journals, chapters, and a book in acclaimed leading publishers. She also has delivered keynote presentations at prestigious international conferences. She has been invited to participate in dialogue and decision making by national, regional, and international leading decision makers in the development of indigenous, international, and global health and rehabilitation frameworks. She supports provincial and national government in key decision making that relate to disability and rehabilitation policies. She gives advice in the development of models of best practice for disability and rehabilitation both at local and regional arenas and consult with the UN, WHO and NGO agencies for the development of programmes that advance the lives of person with disabilities.