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Hillary Lane


Hillary Lane has been the coordinator of AfriNEAD for the last 9 years. Her life has been about this journey of life, about putting one foot in front of the other; no mean feat when you have been born with Cerebral Palsy, your parents having been told you might never walk, only to start walking when you were four and a half years old, but before that, rolling or ‘bunny hopping’ on my knees to start my journey!

Right from the start I have been on a ‘journey’ of discovery! I have walked in my parent’s footsteps, followed their example and guidance; following a spiritual path both Christian and then Eastern. I have walked in the mountains of South Africa; I have walked in the great Cathedrals of England and Florence along the sands in New Zealand. Europe and America; along the corridors of school, down the aisle, around the nursery, the New York marathon, into the office and home again and then some more!!!