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We need the Numbers and Data, to speak to us

25 June 2021

As we experience a surge in infections, part of our daily attention is drawn to the numbers that are released on the infection rate, the projected numbers, and the time parts of our country will reach a peak or a wave.

The same can be said for the number of postponed business events, the slight shift back to more on-line activities and a subtle shift to doing things on our screens again. The surge is serious. The death rate numbers are serious. And as such we will continue to urge common-sense decisions that are made on understating the data and the numbers.

On the flip side, the same can be said about the human and economic effect restrictions have had on our industry.

SAACI, this week made strides in our work with the TBCSA, on the UIF_TERS request for further extension on benefits for our industry, as well as more financial support within the program and a far speedier release of funding. We called on members and the industry to provide the required details (the numbers and the data) that will build our business case and will speak to the human need that is reflected in the numbers to date.

For those that have provided the information requested, we thank you. Members who will still provide the information, we thank you. The numbers and data speak to us and at this moment, they do not paint a pretty picture for our industry.

We therefore call for common sense by ALL, as we balance lives and livelihoods. We need to get back to work, we need to save our industry and we need to protect the loss of skills. Lockdowns cannot be the only way to stem this pandemic.

It is difficult, we all acknowledge that, but we will keep helping each other. We will keep leading the Business Events Industry and we will ensure that we have an industry at the end of this pandemic.

Let’s find another more responsible and safe way to live and work safely.

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We need the Numbers and Data, to speak to us