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We are the engines of growth

16 September 2022

As the tourism industry gathered this week at the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA)’s 2022 Tourism Leadership Conference in Sun City, it was clear that Business Events are fundamentally core to the growth of the tourism industry.

While speakers from the private and public sectors shared how important it is for a better aligned approach in marketing our beloved country to visitors, we need to remain cognisant about potential global stagflation as inflation rises around the world. This may lead to a long hangover for consumers and may impact spending power.

Back home in South Africa we need to remain agile, remain focussed and mindful of budgetary constraints and remain opportunistic as opportunities may present itself in the current challenging operating environment.

While projections indicate that full recovery may be seen in 2025/2026, opportunities within South Africa should be taken within our Business Events and Exhibition Industry.

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