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Utilise Your Eco-System

29 April 2022

The past few weeks we have hosted the various SAACI Branch Annual General Meetings’ as we reported back on the work completed at branch level. We also set the course of work for members within the regions that we have active SAACI representation currently and we will continue to work with regions where there is currently no representation to set up branches within these Provinces.

In welcoming our new committee members, what is clear is the wealth of our Collective IQ as professionals, but more striking is the depth of your Associations Eco-System. This Eco-System lends itself to possibilities for individuals and member companies who can confidently engage with like-minded professionals.

This week we are encouraging members and individuals to actively engage with the Associations’ database that allows all our members to build both current and future business opportunities.

We look forward to the work that the branch committees will deliver for members and the industry across the country in the coming year of service. Members are encouraged to support, utilise and continue to contribute ideas and activities that will push the recovery of our industry at regional level.

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