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The Currency of Trust

13 August 2021

With the world moving into a phase where many countries have vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens, the conversation is rapidly moving into how, what and who can do certain things. Such as attending a soccer match in UK or having a cup of coffee at a restaurant in France. The world is attempting to make sense and subtly imposing some form of mandatory vaccination policy.

Will it happen in South Africa? Are we, as the Business Events Industry, going to require attendees, delegates, clients, and staff to be vaccinated? These are the questions and conversations we need to be having now.
Allow us to also remember, that as an Association we lead the recovery without vaccination mandates, we held the SAACI Annual National Congress without a vaccination mandate.
We need to have a balanced conversation, one that respects the individual choice and understanding that the currency of trust is built overtime, through frank conversations where we find the answers to questions, we all seek, in a world where the rules are changing hourly.
We need to do what is right, at the right time and know that we can meet safely and responsibly.

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The Currency of Trust