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Quality Delivery of Business Events is STILL Essential

13 May 2022

As our members conceptualise, develop, and manage trade and consumer business events, we call on all concerned to keep an eye on the quality of the service being delivered. There should be no compromise on the expertise showcased when delivering business events.

With venues and conference halls occupied, coupled with a good looking forward book, our standards in the build-up and delivery should always be key as it has been for decades if not centuries.

We call on members to stay vigilant and to ensure that we aid and keep each other in check. We should also alert venues, clients and partners of non-member companies that may comprise the quality in delivering of activities within our value chain.

This call is made to ensure that we do not stall our recovery process due to bad workmanship in the delivery of trade and consumer business events.

As your Association, we acknowledge that we have lost skill and our work force is lacking some much-desired experience and as such we all own the responsibility to reach-out, lean and call for help when needed.

Keep up the good work and remember that we still need to take care of our works force, clients, and attendees at all our events.

Full Newsletter: Quality Delivery of Business Events is STILL Essential