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Our Daily Grind

6 October 2022

The past number of weeks and days have been a daily grind that have tested the most patient of us. Intermittent power supply has been what the boxing world calls a Technical Knock-Out (TKO) for our country’s economy.

Many use the word “resilient” when they describe our industry, but we must be cautious that this resilience does not disappear as we battle all these macro pressures that may stagnate the rebuilding of our companies and industry.

Our country, South Africa, is filled with multiple cultures and traditions that makes it one of those ‘must visit destinations’ for many. We are a vibrant, colourful, energetic, diverse, and beautiful place. These qualities have been evident daily. We embrace our diversity and energy as we work collectively to get our industry open.

Let us not allow this UBUNTU SPIRIT to be switched-off, as our lights are daily. So tomorrow we encourage ALL to celebrate Heritage Day together and embrace our differences and many similarities of being human. We wish all our members, stakeholders, partners, and clients a blessed Heritage Day this September 2022 as we celebrate this rich nation, we call HOME.


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