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Nobody is safe until we all are

3 December 2021

The past week has certainly brought about a series of views, opinions, emotions, and uncertainty.

As an Association that represents the Business Events Industry, we, on behalf of you, our members continue our work to ensure we can meet safely and responsibly. We share weekly how members and the broader industry have worked to rebuild our industry in South Africa. This week was no different, with many industry engagements amongst our association partners, including engagement with the various Ministries responsible and our social colleagues.

So, will Omicron be the last new variant? No. Will we see the end to waves of infection? No. Do we need to keep helping, collaborating, and pushing to keep our industry open and working? Yes?

Our work this week within the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) social partner cohort, was to ensure that we be allowed to continue working as a Business Events, Live Events and Exhibitions Industry. Collective proposals were presented with a set of guidelines and protocols to be included in the Disaster Management Act. These have received guidance and input from the Department of Health and the Department of Labour. We hope we receive the necessary sign-off as we battle to keep working and keep businesses operating at this very tough time.

With 21 months of experience of this pandemic, we need to know that while we may not all agree, vaccination is an option, and it may be a requirement for our industry to keep building as we recover.

So, as we enter the final month of 2021, let’s keep in mind that this is our life now, whether we like it or not, and nobody is safe until we all are.

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