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Make Your Mark

29 October 2021

As we head to the polling stations for the local government elections in a few days’ time, we watch with interest as many a hopeful councillor candidate or political party organized their election campaign events. And we asked, does that candidate actually know how important the Business Events and Exhibition Industry is?

Probably not, but they need our suppliers to get their message across to their constituents.

SAACI urges members to engage their local hopeful and potential candidates on the need for continued support for our industry as we move toward the end of the calendar year. Our industry should not lose the opportunity to highlight that, without a campaign event, no one would have been able to understand what the hopeful candidates will want to deliver, if they ever will, once they have been elected.

The point is simple, our industry remains so important, that we forget we have people who pretend to not understand but uses our suppliers to enhance their positions whether these are for local government elections or a business event or a trade show.

So, let’s make our mark by reminding everyone of the importance of this industry that we are all so passionate about. We are sure that the world leaders in climate change will do so as well, as they gather in Glasgow for COP26.

Let no opportunity be wasted.

Let us remain vigilant and let us keep each other in check as we continue this re-build of our industry.


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