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Let’s Stay Alert

17 September 2021

In welcoming the shift to Adjusted Alert Level 2, with an increase in pax numbers, 250 indoors and 500 outdoors, we hopefully are moving into our proposed planned phased re-opening onto the road to recovery.

Caution: – We are still not out of the woods, yet.

In the coming week, we can meet in-person, in medium sized numbers, and as SAACI we excited to see many colleagues and stakeholders at the National Department of Tourism and South African Tourism’s Africa’s Travel and Tourism Summit early next week.

Whether you will be there in-person or on-line, it is Destination SA’s opportunity to share with our colleagues around the world that we ARE OPEN for business, which was reiterated at the media launch of the Intra Africa Trade Fair, scheduled to take place in Durban, in November 2021.

We are seeing small green shoots, and we hope that we can build on this for a sustainable future for our industry now.

Our proposal to government is still in play. We believe that 50% capacity of venue use will give all members in the value chain the time to rebuild and recover.

So, let’s stay ALERT as we commence another recovery period for Destination SA.

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