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Let’s Be Responsible

9 July 2021

A few weeks ago we were hopeful of getting ahead of this pandemic and within an instant, we found ourselves faced with a substantial increase in infections, hospitalization, and fatalities. Some of these fatalities are hitting our industry daily now.

As SAACI, we call for all to be responsible personally, within their families, and at a societal level. We cannot overemphasize this.

Under the current restrictions of Alert Level 4, no gathering of any form should be allowed to happen.

We implore authorities to act when gatherings of any form occur under the current restrictions of Alert Level 4. They owe it to all of us to be responsible, and for this reason, we call on all of us to Be Responsible as well, until the infections rate starts decreasing.

As an industry, we can meet safely and responsibly. We know this. We have proven this and we will continue to lead by example.

We call on all citizens to do the same. We call on those in authority to heed this call from SAACI.

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Let’s Be Responsible..