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Let us Get our Act Together!

18 June 2021

Another family meeting, another shift in Adjusted Alert Level, and another narrative that takes the Business Events Industry back. We cannot continue like this. We have communicated before, this start – stop approach makes planning incredibly hard, it hampers confidence and furthermore, it sends out the incorrect message: That our industry is the cause for the rise in infections. How far away from the truth is that? Every other industry continues, no restrictions, and yet infections continue to increase.

This week, last year, South Africa moved to Adjusted Alert Level Three which brought the opportunity for business events to commence again. 12 months later many will feel as if we have been standing still. We have made progress however our citizen behaviour adversely affects our industry. And, as much as we want, we unfortunately have no control over the behaviour of another human being.

As SAACI, we are clear about the fine line between live and livelihoods. This line is so close that it makes it difficult when we experience a wave of infections, as we are currently. We urge for a different approach, and we urge for a better vaccine roll-out. Let private sector take the lead, allow the expertise within the Business Events Industry to guide and help with this national roll-out.

Let us get our act together or we will witness the death of an industry.

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Let us Get our Act Together!