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21 January 2022

As we settle into the working year of 2022, cautious optimism seems to be filling the air.

Some may say we have weathered the 4th Wave of Omicron, while others say that with two years of dealing with the pandemic and all its uncertainty, 2022 is the year that we will leverage more engagement on how we start in earnest in working around this pandemic.

As your Association, SAACI, views engagement in the coming months with and between members, and the broader industry stakeholders, as an imperative component for our industry’s’ regrowth within the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2022.

The more we can share our views, our work and support for Business Events, the better our industry will be in delivering memorable experiences for our clients.

Our collective engagement at NEDLAC this week was that we need to move out of the Disaster Management Act in a responsible way. Once that is done, we need to ensure that we don’t return to the stringent mechanism we have been subjected to over the past two years. Our industry recovery must not be stifled this year.

SAACI agrees that we need to be allowed to operate with a freedom that is guided by a greater level of self-regulation as we have been demonstrating. In doing so, we’ll find that balance between saving lives and livelihoods.

Your Association, SAACI, continues to advocate that our recovery will be done in a responsible manner with all the safety protocols we have shared, developed and tested.

To our members that have shown their willingness to engage, we call upon you to remain steadfast with us as we start 2022 with cautious optimism knowing that we have been here before.

The difference this time, is that we have two years of experience that will stand us in good stead as we start this calendar year.

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