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Continuous Learning

4 February 2022

We all agree that continuous learning is part of life. Whether it be learning form the hard knocks of life, learning from past experiences, shared learning or formally learning, as humans we learn every day.

SAACI, your Association, will continue to drive Learning as a corner stone of the Business Events Industry.

The “brain drain” we are witnessing in our industry requires us to reflect, analyse and readjust the knowledge and skills requirements in the sector. Many a member has shared their concerns, and SAACI is working to ensure that we not only maintain, but also develop the future generations to ensure a professional and sustainable industry.

This week we are calling on you, the members of this Association and our stakeholder partners, to share with us your suggestions and you’re training and development needs.  We also invite you to share your areas of interest in learning, co-creation of educational content, knowledge sharing and your willingness to be part of this continued learning experience in 2022.

We have set-up a as a communication contact point and look forward to engaging with you. In the coming months we will make significant announcement’s on how, your Association, SAACI will address the needs of the Business Events Industry, that will work towards ensuring we have the required skills that are backed by recognised accreditation.

Let’s work on our industry’s future but doing and working in collaboration for the next generation.

Less Talk, more work.


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