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5 March 2021

As we mark a year since the first reported infection of this cold and devastating Coronavirus arrived on our shores, today, let’s take a moment to remember colleagues, family and friends, people we knew and loved that we have lost. Let’s remember their lives and their zest for life they all had before their untimely departure.


On reflection, we are reminded that out of despair there is hope.


There was a mini shift of hope earlier this week when South Africa moved into alert level one, with the regulations for business events, which now allows 100 pax indoors and 250 outdoors. Like many we were left questioning why we were not allowed to return to previous pax numbers allowed the last time South Africa was at alert level 1.


The short response is the concern that citizen behaviour, coupled with the forthcoming annual Easter Weekend a few weeks away, government needed some breaker in place in the coming weeks before we move beyond the regulations for business events. Exhibitions and live events are allowed greater freedom under the industry guidelines.


Our industry continues building momentum as we share this week’s activities with members, we see promising sighs as many organisers commence with planning for business events, some of which we highlight within this week’s member comms below.


Thanks to the members that have reached out to the National Office on our call we made last week to members to TELL US YOUR STORY. We want you to tell us your story of how you have been dealing with this pandemic and how as a #community we can help each other push through all the challenges we had faced. So, we are calling on you and your teams to contact us should you wish to TELL US YOUR Story and be part of this year’s Congress programme.

You can contact Alshanthe at

Link to the full weekly Member Communication can be found by clicking: