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Building Back Differently

4 March 2022

In moving forward in our recovery within the Business Events Industry, we will have to be realistic. Living in a world of rainbows and unicorns will bring emotional and business financial harm and turmoil to many an event professional.

Our recovery needs to be built back – differently.

Attending Meetings Africa 2022 indicated that while many things may have looked the same, they are not necessarily how we remember it in respect of how we go about our planning and delivery of events. The impact both physically and emotionally that the pandemic has had on all, including our industry will be around for a while.

Our recovery will be made albeit at a slow and steady pace.

Yes, we are experiencing a lot of optimism, a larger number of enquiries, but we need to ensure that the conversion rate increases along with the delivery of the businesses we have all engaged in earlier this week. It is in the delivery and execution that we will demonstrate we are experiencing a recovery which we are all working hard towards.

Our experience has taught us that we must remain cautiously optimistic with the adaptability characteristic at the forefront of our work.

To our members and our partner, the City of Johannesburg, we thank you for making Meetings Africa 2022 the first step of our recovery. It brought with it optimism and a clear demonstration that we are moving, but we need each other every step of the way.

Our African continental partners, we thank you for your interest and willingness to work with SAACI in the coming year and we look forward to the engagement sessions and meetings scheduled with all of you.

A final Thank you to the South African National Conventions Bureau Team who ensured we met in person at this years’ Meetings Africa.

Let us continue building back and set our agenda for the year ahead.

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