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Are You Ready?

8 October 2021

The news that the link to get your digital vaccination certificate is up and running coupled with the removal of South Africa from the UK’s red list shows positive movement is on the increase to get more in-person attendees at events.

This may or may not signal the much-anticipated shift into a sustained collaborative recovery with the added support of a single platform that will house the information of vaccinated citizens.

We may all agree the above signals steps in the right direction.

Within our country, we wait in anticipation, as the South African Football Association intends to welcome vaccinated spectators back into the stadium next week, when our football teams play a World Cup qualifying fixture at Soccer City.

We have shared our views on the possibility that vaccination certification is one way of opening the Business Events Industry and this would allow for a more sustained recovery process. Across the world, many in our industry are opening. As week one of the World Expo comes to an end, we ask ourselves “How soon can we open fully?” and “How soon can we welcome international delegates to our shores?”

The question to members is: “ARE YOU READY?”

Taking everything into account and everything that that has transpired during these 19 months, are we ready to activate and get moving again?

We have always been here for members and the Business Events Industry. Barring any further delays, the time has arrived to get moving.

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