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A Collective Effort

25 March 2022

In welcoming the announcement in the easing of restrictions in the Events Sector, we need to acknowledge the collective efforts of members, our Association partners and that of our colleagues within government departments. The tireless work in getting us operating at 50% capacity has been a long time coming.

This collective effort in getting the Business Events and Exhibition Sector back to operating, requires further work and this week we make a special plea to you, our members to assist us with driving recovery for the industry forward.

Recovery is something that requires us all to get involved in and find ways to move our beloved Business Events sector forward. As an Association, we want to increase member engagement and one simple way to improve this is for our members to actively participate in our regional branches of Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal.

We ask you to give it some thought, and we look forward to sharing some of the activities that the current committees have planned in the coming months.

Our recovery requires us all to build back better, together.

We got to this point by building and working in a cohesive and collaborative effort these past two years.

So, while we welcome the announcement, we caution, that the regulations should be shifted over time. We have always called for a phased approached, but as the industry continues it rebuild, a time will come where we need to open with limited restrictions.

We hope this happens in the months ahead as we look forward to operating soon at full capacity.

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