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KZN Music Imbizo

KZN Music Imbizo (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic multimedia company established in 2012. At the heart of this company's mission is the management and development of The Music Imbizo, an annual music business conference situated in the vibrant city of Durban, South Africa. With a strategic vision, the company is committed to not only building and expanding the conference but also ensuring its commercial viability. The ultimate goal is to create a globally recognised African platform that attracts thousands of delegates and music enthusiasts from around the world to South Africa.


Membership Category Company Micro
Location Durban
Regional Branch KwaZulu-Natal
Forum Conference and Events (PCO) Forum
B-BBEE Level Level 1
Website https://www.themusicimbizo.co.za
Phone 0310032931
Address 11 Walnut Road, Regus Kingsmead, Durban, 4001
Core Business The core business of he Music Imbizo is to drive growth, foster collaboration, educate, and promote the music industry. The revenue streams, such as ticketing and exhibition fees, are essential to fund these objectives and ensure the conference's ongoing success.
Email hello@themusicimbizo.co.za


Mbali Ntombela
Sphe Mbhele