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Folio Translation Consultants CC

Folio Translation Consultants has grown from a tiny start-up into the major-league language service provider that it is today. This is largely driven by our reputation for reliability, technical expertise, fast turnaround and meticulous accuracy. Folio is recognised around the world for its expertise in sourcing and providing African languages and all major Asian and European languages. Our services include translation and proofreading, interpreting including South African Sign Language, voice-overs and voice-over direction, certified/sworn translation, transcription, subtitling, transcreation, copywriting, editing and localisation, as well as search engine optimisation (SEO).


Membership Category Company SME
Location Cape Town
Regional Branch Western Cape
Forum Services Forum
B-BBEE Level Level 4
Website https://www.folio-online.co.za/
Phone 270214262727
Address Unit 2; 10 Pepper Street; Cape Town; 8001
Core Business
Email pziets@folio-online.co.za


Lize Spies
Philip Zietsman