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The 31st Congress (RSA) & 30th Anniversary (2017)
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The 31st Congress (RSA) & 30th Anniversary (2017)

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2017-06-02 to 2017-06-04
When: 2017/06/04
12:00 PM
Where: CSIR International Convention Centre
Meiring Naude Road
Tshwane, Gauteng  0001
South Africa
Contact: Sedicka Allies
+27 (0)21 683 2934

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The Congress Programme Committee are pleased to present the congress programme for the 31st congress and 30th anniversary of SAACI. 

Click here for the full programme overview. 

The programme is designed in the 3 main focus areas of SAACI being venues, conference and event organisers and services. 

Participants can choose to stick to their specific stream or to join another, there will also be various joint sessions. 

The programme also includes 16 plenary sessions with keynote speakers, below you will find more information of the various streams we will present at the congress. 

Plenary Stream 1.1. Winning strategies in a competitive market.

Today’s key business development strategies specific to venues. Key role of destination partnership in business development. Creative approaches to expanding revenue opportunities. A client perspective on best marketing strategies. Negotiating better contracts 

Plenary Stream 1.2. Brand Management - Your company and yourself.

Brands are not built in a day, but can be destroyed in minutes. How does an individual, a micro-enterprise, a small company build a brand in order to compete. How do you enhance, build and elevate your brand above all others, in order to get that project? This include selling a Professional Service, your greatest asset is often your reputation. The sale is based upon your promise that something will happen on time, on budget and on specification. Many times the service offering depends upon the individual doing the selling. This is a special skill, often built upon experience. 

Plenary Stream 1.3. Performing under pressure.

Techniques to stay calm and focused when a crisis develops and the spotlight is on you to lead the team. 

Plenary Stream 2.1&2. The impact of preferred or exclusive suppliers to a venue. What is the economic impact of insourcing vs. outsourcing? 

Plenary Stream 2.3. Power proposals and how to persuasively pitch your ideas. Writing a winning proposal for your next event, discover the distinguishing and getting it right the first time importance of responding to RFQ, making sure you have answered all requirements and given the client what they have asked for elements that will set your presentation apart from the rest. 

Plenary Stream 3.1&3. Venue commission under the Spotlight.

A court room debate with representatives from Venue and C&E 

Plenary Stream 3.2. Augmented Reality Barriers have been broken.

Engagement has been redefined. Technologies, from drones to virtual reality
to live streaming, have landed in the hands of customers who are controlling the output of information from the experiences you build in real-time. There is no longer the attendee, only the participant. Full immersed engagement with participants is the objective for all events. The challenge to service providers is to embrace this change.

Plenary Stream 4.1. Technology is trending internationally.

World Café session with AV, services, IT specialist included What types of technology is trending internationally within the events industry that we have not explored yet? What's coming? Where's the revenue potential? Explore technology Best Practice, in line with quality standards. 

Plenary Stream 4.2. Time dictated processes.

Increasingly short lead times and shorter build times. Those service providers who adapt or die. How many of us are working exactly the same as we did five, ten or maybe twenty years ago. Our work-flow processes have not changed, but the work environment has. We can no longer try to force a square peg into a round hole. It will not be the biggest of the service providers, nor the most intelligent that survive. It is the service providers who are the most adaptable to change. 

Plenary Stream 4.3. Alternative spaces.

Boost creative event outcomes, case study on opportunities and technicalities (also touching on business aspects such as use of and rental of ‘non’-meeting space) 

Plenary Stream 5.1. Meeting venue elements to look out for in the next 5 years.

Access to tech? Flexible meeting spaces? Networking spaces? Teambuilding? Authentic experience?- Hybrid meetings – talking techCase study: Hybrid meetings not a threat to attendance but a catalyst. 

Plenary Stream 5.2. What do we think our work environment will be like.

Crystal Ball Session – five years & ten years – what do we think our work environment will be like. The First iPhone is not yet ten years ‘old’; WhatsApp is a comparative youngster at seven years old; the multitude of Apps that are in day to day use are all infants in a rapidly changing world. In a ‘World café’ environment we will explore how we collectively view the future. What do we envisage for 2020 and 2025? 

Plenary Stream 5.3. Neuroscience - Impact through emotion.

It’s all about event design. 

Plenary Stream 6.1. The future project team.

Designed for operative excellence in 2020 and beyond. How will the next generation technology, social and business interaction impact project teams of the future? 

Plenary Stream 6.2. Cross-Border logistics.

Do I provide my clients with a cross-border service? The work-flow and processes change dramatically, time constraints and documentation complexities increase exponentially, but the expectations of the client remain the same. Working outside the country involves thinking differently and being solution driven. The clients of service providers are increasingly working beyond our borders, these borders cannot become barriers to your business. 

Plenary Stream 6.3. Evolving Roles - Who does what?

Working together to secure international bids? This session will provide insights into how destinations are approaching the various roles in order to be successful. 

Plenary Stream 7.1&3 H.U.N.G.E.R. Games designing and selecting menus.

Meeting the contemporary needs of delegates and the special dietary preferences & requirements. 

Plenary Stream 7.2 Free-Lancing: The new employment Trend

Are you as an individual too office or country bound? Why not use a freelancer based in the Ukraine, India or Thailand? Many service providers already make use of ‘independent contractors’, of freelancers and labour ‘brokers’. How do you tap into this trend; is it indeed more cost effective; how do you ‘protect’ your reputation, your IP and your client base. 

The 10 learning lounge topics will be announced at a later stage.