Current Projects

The SAACI Academy is SAACI’s online professional development platform that gives SACCI (SAACI) members access to accredited courses, developed in partnership with local and international industry leaders, to advance their expertise with anytime, anywhere convenience.

Project RISE

Project RISE is an innovative and inspiring SACCI (SAACI) initiative that showcases how the diverse community of the industry embraces the common spirit of excellence and shares ideas.

Future Focus Forum

The objectives for the future focus forum are:


To develop friendship and common purpose between the youth by participating in areas related to the business events industry and other such activities 

To encourage and assist in the business events education or experience of the members by participating in SAACI activities and meeting SAACI members

To cooperate voluntarily in all SAACI activities and the organisation set up by the branches

To promote networking and educational opportunities for the youth members

To ensure that its members are fully aware of SAACI and its objectives

To provide an opportunity for job opportunities including permanent work, internships, mentoring and job shadowing

The benefits of becoming a SAACI future focus are:

Networking opportunities with key industry role players

Networking opportunities with other young professionals

Monthly SAACIMatters electronic newsletter

Monthly journal – electronic copy of Business Events Africa

Attendance at regular branch and educational events at a reduced rate where applicable

Access to the members only section on the SAACI website

Attendance at the SAACI Annual Congress & Exhibition at a discounted fee