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community overview
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To grow the concept of and then to grow the SAACI community through the effective combination of member benefits, member return on benefits, member return on investments, networking and business to business opportunities and learning platforms; Improve activities within the Conference and Events (C&E) Forum; To increase the membership year on year.

  • Establish alternative association best practices (locally and internationally)
    • Profile SAACI, who and what is SAACI, what we do and how we do it, who is our members and what are our achievements.
    • SAACI Association App, Invest in aN app that SAACI can use throughout the year for general information sharing, dates on branch events and the congress, instead of only having a congress app 
    • Have a non-member communication strategy to entice none members to attend branch events and congress and convert them into members
  • Understand the community needs (categorised by Forum) and the reason for member apathy.
    • Create a usable database by assisting members to complete and update their personal and company profiles to enable the search functionalities optimisation. 
    • Personalise members experiences with SAACI specifically from a communication point of view. 
  • Categories C&E Forum to get a better understanding.
    • C&E Forum makes up 50% of the SAACI membership, investigate what added benefits we can offer C&E members and breakdown the forum to make more sense in the services offerings 
  • Establish realistic member benefits and ROI deliverables.
    • Benefits  for the Industry, the Individual and our academy.
    • Re-categorise our benefits, how they apply to Industry, Individual and from the academy and focus on delivering each members a personalised service 
    • Identify how we can grow our Venues forum as it is 25% of our membership and offer them unique benefits that they can use in the work place, conduct survey to establish.
  • Communicate and market our results and strategic plan to membership as well as the wider community branches with newsletter and other PR avenues
    • Communicate effectively, specific around stats. 
    • Measure the financial pull we have as a price per seat at events. 
    • Create a communications strategy on how we can highlight different benefits of SAACI to members in newsletter and social media
  • Position Statements as part of Knowledge Hub
    • VAT ruling on International conferences for Global best practices.
    • B-BBEE easy guide and act
    • Commission on venue or hotel bookings and other services 
    • Other legislative papers 
  • Value Adds.
    • Investigate workable value adds for members of each forum such as the collaboration partners.
    • To have a tender bulletin on the website for members to view.
    • Matchmaking at participants at events.
    • Informal Branch events that foster networking and learning opportunities. 
    • Create a new message around our value adds for members. 
    • Local corporate and Corporate business to be invited to speed networking  events to get  more corporates to attend SAACI events and for networking opportunities for both C&E and Venue members.
    • Offer training both online and face to face to members across all branches 
  • Stakeholder Engagements 
    • Millennials have different needs, identify how to attract more millennial members and what benefits needs to be altered or added to attract them.
  • Transformation SME/ BEE
    • Assist in training and developing of SME members and educate members on the B-BBEE tourism score card.